ASSAM Piston teapot, stainless steel filter, 1.0 l

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With the ASSAM teapot, you can decide for yourself how strong and aromatic the tea should be. As soon as the tea has steeped long enough, you simply press the piston filter system which separates the tea from the leaves. The ASSAM teapot from BODUM combines design, quality and functionality at the highest level. The pitcher of the ASSAM teapot is made of heat resistant glass. Ideal for black, green, white, fruity tea, etc.

  • BODUM plunger filter system for a rich tea aroma
  • Heat resistant borosilicate glass teapot
  • Large stainless steel filter to enhance the aroma of the tea leaves
  • Thanks to its piston filter system, the tea leaves are separated from the water, thus stopping the brewing process. The tea leaves can also be re-brewed.
  • Made in Europe

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