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Josef Strauss - Dough Machine 150 for 3 types of dough

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Josef Strauss has designed the Gourmet pasta machine that allows you to make fresh pasta with ease.

The machine has a 7 position adjustable dough sheeter that allows you to stretch the dough to the thickness you want, to make lasagna or ravioli.

The machine is also equipped with a spaghetti and fettuccine jaw.

It has a removable handle and tongs for easy storage,

This manual pasta machine will also allow you to make delicious Italian pasta.

Technical characteristics :

  • Chrome plated steel
  • 150 mm drop
  • 1 machine with smooth rollers (7 positions)
  • Delivered with 2 accessories: Fettuccine 6,5 mm and Spaghetti 2 mm
  • Presence of a clamp to stabilize the dough machine

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