LELIT GRACE Espresso Machine

Grace is the family of espresso machines where we concentrated the best of technology and design. Harmonious lines, innate elegance and accurate choice of materials and finishing make this Lelit line a piece of furniture and a superb espresso machine.

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The VIP line is the newest Lelit creation. It’s born to satisfy those espresso lovers who expect the best performances from their machine and desire a masterpiece to be admired also when it’s off.

The elegant surfaces of the brushed stainless steel, the exclusive details and the new LCC make this family of machines the first choice for having the best without compromises.


The harmonious lines, the elegance and the accurate choice of materials and details make Grace not only an excellent coffee machine ready in a few minutes, but also a piece of design. The LCC electronic control system manages all the different parameters and is a treat for those looking for an exceptional coffee.


LELIT electronic control system to manage all the machine setting parameters.

Multidirectional wand

To easily deliver steam and hot water, with anti-burn handle.

Brushed Body

Appliance body in brushed stainless steel and drip tray with wire grate.


With black back-lit display, it checks the pressure of coffee extraction. The green area indicates the optimal value.

Coffee Slide

The gradual inclination, the spout length and the open areas are designed to obtain the best possible result.

Mug Friendly

The machine is designed to fit also mugs.

Programmable parameters

The LELIT electronic control system (LCC) with the OLED graphic display allows to activate the preinfusion and to set the automatic washing cycle for the ordinary cleaning and the stand-by time according to the CEI EN 50564 norm. The display shows also the coffee, water and steam temperature, the lack of water in the tank and the brewing time countdown set by the user.

Anti-burn nozzle: No
Water tank capacity: 2.5 L
Pump: 15 bar
PID: Yes
Capacity of the boiler: 250 mL
Boiler: 1
Materials of the Boiler: Brass
Group: 57 mm
Automatic cleaning system: Yes
Indication for water shortage: LCC
Stand-by mode: Yes
Appliance body: Brushed stainless steel
Power: 1000 watts
Voltage: 120 volts - 60Hz
Lenght: 22,5 cm / 8.6 inch
Height: 38 cm / 15 inch
Depth: 27 cm / 10.6 inch
Weight: 7,3kg / 16.3 lb
Accessories included: 57 mm portafilter with new Lelit ergonomic handle and Coffee Slide spout, 1 dose and 2 doses filters, blind filter and 35 L water resin filter.

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