Zwilling Four Star Boning Knife - 5,5

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Bones, tendons and fat are difficult to remove from the meat. Cutting in a hurry makes you waste a part of your cooking pieces. With a boning knife from ZWILLING, this will not happen again. The boning knife from the VIER STERNE series is the ideal tool if you want to cook meat. This knife series, with its almost 40 years of experience, stands out here and also belongs to one of the most popular ZWILLING series.

The design is simple and easy to care for, since the focus is on functionality. The handle is made of plastic and has an ergonomic shape. For safety, the bolster is made of stainless steel, which is found in all knives of the series. Therefore, it seems unlikely that you will slip from the handle to the blade. After cooking, cleaning the boning knife with clean water is a breeze.

Careful observation will show you that the blade of the boning knife is made from a high quality piece of steel with a perfect balance of carbon and chrome. In addition, an exclusive cold soaking process makes the FRIODUR blade corrosion resistant and gives it its flexibility and cutting properties. This method improves the cutting properties considerably, so that preparing meat for a delicious dish will be a breeze.

FRIODUR blade, cold hardened, for a sharper, more flexible and corrosion resistant blade

Special stainless steel: These knives are stable, corrosion resistant, but still have some flexibility

SIGMAFORGE Messer - aus einem Stück geschmiedet

Smooth transition from handle to blade.

Ergonomic plastic handle with three rivets: For fatigue-free and safe use of the knife

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