Zoku Brand

Frozen Treats

Zoku’s history started with Frozen Treats. Their products that turn drinks into delicious desserts in minutes took the world by storm and the popularity sparked by our creative roots continues today.

Cocktail Ice

Forget the work hard play hard dynamic. We believe in working creatively and playing creatively. That’s why we make ice molds that are perfect for cocktails and fancy non-alcoholic mixed drinks as well.


We make premium quality eco-friendly drinkware that you’ll want to take with you everywhere you go. That’s why it is important to choose a bottle or tumbler that looks great - making you feel comfortable in your own creative skin.


Optimize your lifestyle with food containers that clear up mental clutter and give you more space. There is no other food storage system like our Neat Stack collection. You’ll never want to go back to the way containers used to be.


We believe promoting creativity from childhood is of utmost importance. Our kids products have the same premium quality and are made with the same attention to design. In fact our kids products can really be used by anyone.