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Here are spice pencils that you can sharpen on your dishes, cocktails and desserts. Discover more than 20 different flavors! Only natural and gluten-free ingredients: natural juices, spices, infusions, fruit purees, essential oils and natural flavors. For the texture, agar-agar, a natural and vegetable gelling agent extracted from an alga. Natural preservatives, apple cider vinegar and salt, no other preservatives.

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Happy hour with oysters and a good glass of wine will no longer have the same taste : much better and surprising with the Shallot Food Crayon. Also delicious with a steak or a green salad. Neither garlic nor onion, the chopped raw shallot enhances a wide variety of dishes like tartares or salsas.
(sharpener included).


Apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar, water, salt, Agar-agar, shallot powder, gluten free tamari, locust bean gum.
Contains: Soya


Sharpen some shavings on your plates, over your desserts or drinks as you serve.

How many shavings:
5 to 10 shavings per plates. 1 or 2 shavings per bite size serving or on a drink.
1 Crayon weighs 18 g = 120 chips. It is used for 3 meals for 4 people.

Shelf life and preservation:
Food Crayon lasts up to 12 months. Once open keep them in their tube in the fridge.

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