Salt mill manual acryl white color - Bali - 8 cm - Peugeot

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The white Bali salt mill is as beautiful as it is functional. With its slightly flared base, it offers excellent ergonomics, renewing an age-old gesture that amateurs still enjoy practicing.

The Bali manual salt mill pays tribute to one of the strongholds of pepper culture in the world: Indonesia. With its 8 cm and an acrylic body revealing a beautiful white coating, the Bali salt mill is up to the task of grinding the salt crystals it contains. Equipped with a Peugeot steel mechanism, guaranteed for an unlimited period of time, it will accompany you over the long term in the seasoning of your preparations. Associated with the black Bali pepper mill, it will form the perfect duo to dress up your table.

Guaranteed for an unlimited period of time


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