Food waste recycler and grinder - Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50

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The FoodCycler is the easy alternative to composting.

Our compact food recycler fits right into your life (and your home). All you need is a cubic foot of space and an electrical outlet to get started - it's that simple. The charcoal filter eliminates odors so you can keep the removable waste bucket under the sink or on the counter and easily refill it with food scraps after each meal.

Fruit hearts, vegetable peels, dairy products, chicken bones and more - the FoodCycler turns food scraps into fertilizer and reduces your family's food waste. From morning to night, the Vitamix FoodCycler helps you take care of yourself (and the planet).

How to use it
Simply place your food scraps in the bin, press the button and relax. The FoodCycler breaks down food waste to one-tenth its original volume and creates a nutrient-rich fertilizer that you can add to your garden soil. The best part? The carbon filtration system eliminates odors, making it ideal for indoor use.

How to feed your FoodCycler FC-50

With each cycle, try to diversify the waste you put in your waste bucket. A good mix of foods, rather than a large amount of one food, will lead to better results.


The FoodCycler FC-50 is a compact food recycler that reduces food waste and eliminates odors from leftover food, making it ideal for indoor use. The new lid with charcoal filter reduces odors so you can store your waste until the bucket is full without worrying about unpleasant odors. And with quieter cycles, you can run it several times a day, all year long.


Our compact food recycler breaks down table scraps to a fraction of their original volume. Mix the recycled food by-product with soil to enjoy the benefits of this nutrient-rich fertilizer.


The FoodCycler FC-50 is similar in size to a bread maker. You can set it up almost anywhere, as long as you have a cubic foot of space and an electrical outlet. Keep the bin in the kitchen, under the sink or next to the garbage can, and store the FoodCycler in the garage, in a closet or on the counter.

Easy to use

Cycle several times a day, year-round, at the touch of a button. After each cycle, simply place the removable waste bucket in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Odorless and quiet

The charcoal filtered lid and quieter cycles make the FoodCycler FC-50 ideal for indoor use. Reduce your food waste year round.

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