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Sirop Choco-Menthe 250ml

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Let's face it, chocolate mint mocha is all the rage.

Whether it's to enhance your favorite hot beverage or to revisit a classic cocktail, such as the Old Fashioned, our new Choco Mint Syrup is literally synonymous with comfort.

How can I put it, it is THE syrup par excellence to enjoy the winter season!


A smooth and fat chocolate attack wrapped in the freshness of peppermint. In the finish, the raw cocoa is stretched with a sweet minty bitterness.

Ingredients: Sugar, water, cocoa powder, citric acid (acidulant), natural flavor

Revolutionize the cocktail

100% natural handmade syrup

Shake well before opening

No flavoring, coloring, preservatives

Good for 16 cocktails

Keeps for 6 months in the fridge

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