Kusmi Tea

Organic green tea mint cucumber

Un thé vert bio à la menthe et au concombre, frais et trendy à souhait.

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Cucumber is one of the most fashionable ingredients of the moment. It is so present that we can't do without it! A true chameleon, it can be found everywhere, but because it has a taste for seduction, it chooses its places of appearance: this morning, it was in your flask heading to the gym; tonight it will be in the latest creation of your favorite mixologist, always as tonic, healthy and fresh.

At Kusmi? You can find it in your tea all day long! Because sometimes, cucumber is also there where you don't expect it. In our Mint-Cucumber Green Tea, it blends harmoniously with mint, which is also very refreshing. Together, in this very green blend, they bring out the best in each other to give you a divinely light and deliciously thirst-quenching tea.
The Mint-Cucumber Green Tea is organic of course, to do good for your body and our planet! Some like it hot and others love it iced. And you, how will you enjoy it?

The Himalayan origins of the cucumber go back to thousands of years before our era, but it is Charlemagne who would have made it known in France in the 9th century, by ordering its cultivation on his lands. Then Louis XIV would have had it planted in his gardens under glass, so that he could enjoy many cucumber soups, among his favorites. Today, many of us are crazy about this fresh, light and thirst-quenching vegetable, which is 96% water by weight!

Infusion time
3-4 min

Infusion temperature
80 °C


Green tea* (90%), mint leaves* (5%), natural mint and cucumber flavors (5%) *Organically grown products

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