Zwilling Four Star Chef's Knife - 8

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This chef's knife from the VIER STERNE series is a tool for all kinds of kitchen tasks. It allows you to prepare fish, meat, poultry, or vegetarian dishes. The knife cuts all ingredients effortlessly. Thanks to its 20 cm blade length, it is obviously suitable for large ingredients. It allows you to cut a large piece of meat or larger vegetables into fine pieces, for example. The blade of this knife has a wide, solid and comparatively rigid surface, which allows a good transmission of force to the food to be cut.

This knife gets its excellent cutting properties from the use of a specially developed steel. This steel is stainless and particularly robust. Ice hardening enriches the material and further improves its properties. This results in a particularly precise cutting edge, which is very important for a very sharp edge. The Zwilling chef's knife cuts food very easily.

The handle of this knife has an ergonomic shape. This means that it offers an excellent grip, allowing you to do the most difficult jobs without getting tired. The junction between the handle and the bolster has no irregularities, which also makes the work easier. The smooth, all-synthetic handle gives the knife a pleasing appearance and a long service life. With the ZWILLING chef's knife you can realize your most creative ideas in the kitchen.

FRIODUR special ice-cooling process, sharper, more flexible and corrosion-resistant blades

Special stainless steel: These knives are stable, corrosion resistant, but still have some flexibility

SIGMAFORGE knife - forged in one piece

Smooth transition from handle to blade.

Ergonomic plastic handle with three rivets: For fatigue-free and safe use of the knife

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