Gant Microplane / Microplane Cut Resistant Glove
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Gant Microplane / Microplane Cut Resistant Glove


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C’est la protection contre les accidents pour les plus prudents Le Gant anti-coupures de Microplane vous permet de préparer vos plats préférés en toute sécurité grâce à sa conception unique Il est également lavable en machine, léger et confortable. /

Accident protection for the prudent. The Microplane® Cut Resistant Glove allows for safer food preparation with its uniquely constructed, machine washable, light weight and comfortable design. Made from man-made fibers, the "one size fits most" glove molds quickly to fit either hand. We recommend that you use this glove for all your food preparation requiring sharp tools. Keep in mind that you still have to avoid the sharp edges just like you would if you weren't wearing it. The benefit comes in the case of accidental contact with a sharp edge. It may still damage the glove, just not your hand.

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