Private group: Melissa Li

Private group: Melissa Li

Is your team up for a challenge? It’s an enjoyable culinary activity that everyone will take pleasure in. It’s a great way to enhance the cohesion of your team. The activity starts with the demonstration of a few cooking and cutting techniques from our chef. Then its action time!

Every team will have to prepare appetizers for the whole group that include an imposed ingredient and in a limited amount of time. At the end of the activity the chef will evaluate every creation and pick the best apprentices chefs.

You will then be able to savor you creations as well as those of your colleagues. The main meal and dessert will be prepared ahead of time by La Guilde Culinaire according to the menu you will have selected.

Private Room
A chef and his assistant
Preparation of a 3 courses meal
A culinary competition
A glass of wine per person

Dimanche 22 juillet 2018 12:00

3h30 - Montréal - Anglais - Chef maison - $148.50