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Tartaric acid is a natural acid, very present in fruits such as figs, pineapples, or grapes. It is also known as "potassium acid salt". This chemical element was discovered in the 18th century by the Swedish apothecary Carl Wilhelm Scheele.

Tartaric acid is frequently used in baking and cooking as a food additive under the number E334. Its consumption in small quantities is absolutely safe for human health.

Common applications of tartaric acid in the food sector:

As an acidifier and taste stimulator in sweets, jellies, jams, ice creams or fruit pastes.

As a stabilizer and antioxidant in canned fruits, vegetables, meat or fish. It also stabilizes the pH, color, taste and nutritional value of canned foods.

As an additive in edible oils and fats to prevent rancidity by its antioxidant effect.

As a taste additive in soft drinks.

As an emulsifier and preservative in the manufacture of breads and industrial pastries.

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