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Butter churn La Bonne Graine, manual. It allows you to make your own butter from the cream of the milk in a traditional way.

It will take you an average of ten minutes of grinding to get a finished butter.

Prepare small quantities of butter (300ml). It will not have time to go rancid in your refrigerator. You will have less effort than with a large quantity of butter to beat.

This is a functional churn, which is also pretty, which does not spoil anything. For the upper part of the La Bonne Graine churn, it is better to avoid cleaning it in the dishwasher, which could damage the wooden parts.

The churning process consists in agglomerating, by a mechanical movement, the small globules of fat contained in the cream: we obtain butter and whey (or buttermilk). Butter is composed of approximately 16% water, 82% fat and 2% non-fat. Salted butter has a salt content higher than 3%, semi-salted butter has a salt content between 0.5 and 3%.

Dimensions : Ht : 40 x larg : 11,5 x long 11,5 cm

Capacity : 1,6 liter

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