La Belle Excuse

Pearl onion confit in lemon balsamic 212ml

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Having a vineyard on the riverbank of Ouareau River, Aristo is also and artisanal wine producer. LA BELLE EXCUSE offers you a pearl onion confit made from our fortified wine and our lemon and white balsamic vinegar.

CHARACTERISTICS: Take a bite of this syrupy tiny onion and you will discover the delicate taste of our confit seasoned with just enough Kampot white pepper. Let your imagination go wild!

INGREDIENTS: Pearl onions, cane sugar, dessert wine, lemon and white balsamic vinegar (La Belle Excuse), gluten free pectin, salt, Kampot white pepper, citric acid.

USE: Cheer up your grilled cheese sandwiches! Add some confit in your ham sandwich made on a crispy baguette, with old cheddar cheese. Enhance your cheese platter or smoke salmon. Delicious with meat pies and quiches, a purée or dauphinoise potatoes. Then again, if we are forced to do so…how about champagne and foie gras!

NOTE: Refrigerated after opening, the confit will keep until the expiry date.

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