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Global G-80 Santoku knife, with 18 cm honeycomb blade in stainless steel studied to ensure a perfect balance in the hand. Santoku means "three virtues" or "three uses" that is thanks to what it is estimated for meat , fish and plants. The meaning of "three uses" also comes from which is a knife esteemed for three kitchen jobs: to cut, to slice and to prick.
This knife is part of the G series: high-end tools, very balanced with tapered hollow handles.

The blade is constructed of a single piece of steel, with a unique convex edge for unsurpassed performance. Made of hollow handles which are then filled with sand to achieve the desired weight and deliver the perfect balance. Perfectly balanced knives provide optimal control. The blade is made of the finest stainless steel called CROMOVA 18 (Chromium, Molybdenum and Vanadium), designed exclusively for GLOBAL. Ice tempered and hardened to Rockwell C56 - C58 degrees which holds the razor-sharp edge of the blade longer than any other steel. Ergonomic, stainless steel hygienic handles with signature dimple pattern offer a comfortable, slip-resistant grip.
GLOBAL guarantees any stainless steel product that it sells to be free from defect in material, construction or workmanship under normal use and following the care instructions. This excludes damage caused by misuse or accident. The warranty extends only to the product’s original purchaser. Chips in the knife blades, broken knife tips, dis-coloration from food and rust spots are not covered. Knife chips and broken knife tips can often be repaired by re-sharpening.
About the Global brand: Heirs to the great tradition of Japanese samurai, GLOBAL knives are the benchmark in the field of gastronomy. The CROMOVA 18 stainless steel blades guarantee a remarkable edge. Their exceptional design offers a perfect balance in the hand.
Care instructions: Wash in hot water and dry. Do not wash in the dishwasher and do not use chlorine products which damage the special steel of the blade.

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