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Gum Arabic, an ingredient used for thousands of years, is a natural vegetable gelling agent derived from the sap of trees of the Acacia family.

Depending on the recipe, gum arabic is generally used from 10 to 40 g for 100ml of final preparation.

Gum Arabic should be mixed at room temperature and dissolved while hot.

disperse the gum arabic in a fine rain in your preparation

Heat the mixture over low heat to dissolve the gum completely, the preparation will thicken and give an elastic texture.

It can be used to give a particular gel texture or to coat certain confectionery: loukoums (emulsifier of essential oils), fruits and crystallized flowers, cuberdons, dragées (oil barrier)

Gum Arabic can be used in acidic preparations.

Gum arabic is low in calories (2 kcal/g).

Gum Arabic is also a stabilizer in drinks flavored with essential fruit oils.

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