Locust Bean Gum

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Locust bean gum is a natural plant stabilizer extracted from the seeds of the Carob tree, a tree growing mainly on the Mediterranean coast.

Carob is generally used at 10 g for 1L of final preparation.

  • mix the carob with the other dry ingredients of the recipe if there are any.
  • add the liquid ingredients and blend to remove lumps.
  • heat to near boiling point.
  • wait 5 minutes to obtain the final texture.

Effective thickener and stabilizer. It improves the texture of your frozen desserts, in an ice cream maker or not, by limiting the crystallization of water and melting.

  • The preparation to be thickened must always contain a little "available" water, i.e. no emulsion, syrup or pure alcohol.
  • Carob only thickens when it is diluted when hot. This property is also interesting to thicken hot sauces (2 to 4 g for 500 ml of sauce)
  • It is neutral in taste
  • Also effective for sorbets, as it resists well to acidity
  • Carob is also effective for sorbets, as it resists well to acidity (pH 3-4)

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