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Guar gum is a seed flour from a legume. It is generally used at 2 g for 200 to 400 g of final preparation (paste or liquid).

  • mix the guar with the other dry ingredients of the recipe if there are any
  • add the liquid ingredients and blend to remove lumps
  • wait 5 minutes to obtain the final texture

It can add viscosity at low temperatures. It is not very reactive to temperature. It is insensitive to pH and salts and improves the water retention of food.

Naturally does not contain gluten, just like corn. This pure flour is therefore suitable for gluten intolerant people. Neutral in taste. To make gluten-free breads with good air circulation, it is advisable to use guar in combination with xanthan gum. Add 2 g to 400 g of flour.

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