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The taster glass 38 cl - 13oz
The Peugeot tasting glass in the Impitoyables collection has been designed to bring out the maximum in aromatic perceptions in the minimum time.
Impitoyable, the taster that brings into focus all the virtues of a wine. The shape of the Peugeot TASTER tasting glass has been carefully researched in order to maximise the aromatic perceptions of the wine being tasted, in the minimum time possible. This is a glass with very pure lines, compact, easy to transport and to store, and capable of highlighting all the virtues of a great wine (colour, aroma, balance on the palate…). The Peugeot TASTER, hand-made using hand-blown glass, has two cavities at the bottom and on the side, performing a dual role: these cavities enable you to hold the glass between two fingers without warming the contents and they enable aeration of the wine, which starts to break down its molecules. Hold the glass between two fingers, agitate your glass to aerate and break down your wine. With your nose at the bottom of the rim, sniff the wine and you will find heavy aromas (alcohol). With your nose at the top of the rim you will experience the whole range of fragrances. In a very original box.

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