3 speed blender with ice crusher K150 - White

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Discover a world of new flavors and healthy possibilities with the ideal ice blender/shredder for delicious smoothies. This blender features a specially designed ice crush setting, and 3 speed options, for perfect blending regardless of ingredients.

Crush ice in under 10 seconds

Get the perfect flavor, texture and consistency for your most delicious blends and the ability to crush ice in 10 seconds. The unique asymmetrical blade mixes at 4 different angles to draw the ice to the center for the ultimate crush.

Ice crush setting + 3 speed options

Specially designed ice crush setting, plus 3 different speeds for perfect blending, no matter what the ingredients.

Soft Start Function

Starts the motor at a low speed to make it easier to blend ingredients, then gradually increases the speed until the desired speed is reached to avoid splashing.

Intelli-Speed Motor Control

Detects the nature of the ingredients and maintains optimal speed to ensure even mixing.

One year warranty

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