Methyl cellulose B Hydroxypropyl


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MC (methyl cellulose) is an emulsifier, derived from wood or materials rich in cellulose.
MC is generally used at 2g for 200 to 400g of final preparation (rate lower than 1%). The more concentrated it is, the more the desired texture will be present.

For foaming drinks:
 - disperse the MC in a fine rain in your very cold liquid preparation (5°C)
 - mix the whole with a hand blender or a blender and it's ready
For breading :
 - in sufficient quantity to coat the food to be breaded, make a mixture of 20% MC and 80% starch.
 - Sprinkle the food with this mixture and complete with the breading.

Allows you to make your cold beverages froth in a flash and for a long time by giving them a texture similar to egg whites beaten in snow.
It also reduces the consumption of fat (oil, butter) in your breading, frying, fritters or tempura preparations. Indeed, it acts as a "barrier" between the cooked breading and the food to be cooked
MC does not dissolve well? Remember to chill it in the refrigerator before blending again.
Leaves a slight woody taste; compensate by seasoning your preparations well. Allows you to work with preparations with a PH of 2 to 13. The preparation to be thickened must always contain a little "available" water, i.e. no emulsion or pure alcohol.

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