Moule à Pain de Mie avec Couvercle Anti-Adhérent - 25 cm x 9,3 cm x ht : 7,5 cm *

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Gobel non-stick moulds feature a professional-quality, double-layer, non-stick coating with excellent non-stick properties as there is a two-coat system which offers improved non-stick performance over that offered by a single coat and ensures perfect mould release. The top coat is filled with mica which results in a much tougher coating and very good abrasion resistance. The film thicknesses ensures longer life. PFOA free.

The lid on this loaf pan retains moisture to prevent excessive hardening of the crust. It slides across the top to seal the dough inside, so the bread is perfectly compact since it is trapped within the pan resulting in even baking and browning.

Durable non-stick coating
Easy to clean
Creates beautiful brown eges
Made in France

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