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Nigella - 50gr

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Nigella, a small black seed very similar in appearance to black sesame, is often found in Indian naan breads, Turkish or Berber breads. Its mild, nutty flavour, when lightly toasted or fried, complements potato dishes, green vegetables or beet salad. It can also be used in marinades or other vinegar preparations such as chutneys. Try it as a finishing touch on any of your baked or steamed vegetables, it will add a touch of flavour and crispness!
Barely tangy, crisp when roasted. Use whole, browned in Indian dishes or Middle Eastern breads.
Origin : India
Packaging : bag
Other names : Black onion seed, neguilla, black onion seed, kalonji, charnushki
Weight : 50g / 1.76 OZ

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