Plastic Seafood cracker

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The light weight of the plastic, the sticking teeth, the ergonomic handles; that is everything that makes this shellfish cracker of such great usefulness for the removal of flesh from the body of lobster and crab. Do not fear its plastic body, which is sturdy and designed to withstand a shock like the one that happens when someone uses it.

Focusing on functionality, durability, design, cleanliness and safety, Zyliss has relied upon a heritage of excellence that began in Switzerland over 60 years ago. Building on this time-held tradition, the company has advanced to produce and distribute kitchen equipment that is world-renowned. Zyliss has pioneered the design of more than 200 kitchen essentials, with quality and engineering that cannot be duplicated.

Plastic body
Serrated interior
Ergonomic handles
Dishwasher safe

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