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Powdered egg white is obtained from chicken eggs. The fresh egg white is simply dehydrated and reduced to powder. Once rehydrated, the powdered egg white has all the qualities of a fresh egg white.

Egg white powder is essentially composed of proteins (92%), it is perfectly suited for high protein and low fat and sugar diets.

The advantages of egg white powder :

- the powder can be stored at room temperature for many months

- the practicality of the dosage.

- the egg white always has the same quality and freshness.

Egg white powder, once rehydrated in a liquid (water, juice, milk, ..), has the same qualities as fresh egg whites. The powdered egg white is therefore used in the same way as fresh egg whites: it rises to the top and is often more stable than fresh egg whites.

By adding a small amount of egg white powder to fresh egg whites (about 1 teaspoon of powder for 5 to 6 fresh whites), the whites are strengthened (the mousses hold together better and are more voluminous).

In addition to this foaming power, egg white powder also has a binding and coagulating power.

Powdered egg whites are also suitable for protein-rich dishes, and perfectly suited to certain diets.

To obtain the equivalent of one egg white, mix 5g of egg white powder with 30g of water. Once rehydrated, this product can be used in the same way as fresh egg whites: macaroons, mousses, meringues, etc.

Ingredients : Egg whites, baker's yeast, citric acid

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