The Tines, (Universal)

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Size: 8.5" / 21 cm Small
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More agile than chopsticks, more flexible than forks. Select sald and sushi;swoop spaghetti. Turn tidbits;position portions. Retrieve pickles.3sizes.Littledeer paddles are distinguished by fluid dynamic design, fluid grips and high quality maple wood. Every edge, surface and curve serves a purpose. Each Littledeer cooking paddle is made from a single piece of wood and is shaped, sanded, polished and signed by hand at our shop in Quebec. Maple can be used in frying and will not damage delicate surfaces. Choose left- or right-handed to suit your dexterity.Care: hand wash, soapy water. Rinse. Dry with a linen or cotton tea towel to smooth the wood. To maintain the finish, sand with fine sand paper or steel wool, and treat with Mapleware polish.

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