11-cup food processor with the EXACTSLICE KitchenAid System

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The 11-cup food processor with ExactSlice system lets you effortlessly slice from thin to thick with an external lever. This model features an 11-cup bowl with a 3-in-1 feed chute for continuous operation. The 11-cup capacity is ideal for chopping, mixing, kneading, slicing and grating with ease to meet all your needs. A 3-cup bowl, also included, is perfect for preparing sauces, dressings and more.

The ExactSliceTM system includes an optimal speed function and also allows you to change the slice size by simply sliding the lever on the outside.

The exclusive Ultra Wide Mouth 3-in-1 wide-opening feed chute allows you to slice horizontally or vertically fruits and vegetables of different shapes and sizes, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes.

The Ultra Tight seal includes a specially designed locking system with a no-spill ring that allows you to fill the bowl to capacity without the risk of splashing.


Mini bowl and 3-cup mini blade, Externally adjustable slicing disc, reversible grater, kneading blade, stainless steel polishing blade and Chef's Accessory Box.

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