Aging bags for roasts & ribs, 10″ X 20″, 3/pkg

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With our new UMAi drying bags, it is now possible to make your dry cured meats and sausages as well as to age your beef pieces without using a humidity controlled drying cell. Simply dry the product in your refrigerator!

The UMAi bag is made of BPA-free polymer and meets FDA standards. The material forms a bond with the proteins on the surface of the beef and allows moisture to be released while preventing air and odors from penetrating.

To use simply choose the size of the bag according to the product to be dried. Then fill the bag with meat and the mixture of fermentation agent and drying salt in the case of sausages and seal the bag with a vacuum packer. If you are using an external vacuum packer, you will need to use the VacMouse conversion strips to create air extraction channels in the bag. Once sealed, you can put the bag directly into the refrigerator for the beef to age.


3 x 10″ X 20″ bags per package

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