SPECIAL - STAUB CERAMICS Ceramic Rectangular Dish

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Casseroles and bakes are perfect dishes for cold autumn or winter evenings and can be made with the most diverse ingredients to suit your particular taste. The Staub rectangular combined gratin dish and roasting dish is perfect for making casseroles and bakes. It measures 14 x 11 cm and has a minimalist design, fitting perfectly into both traditional and contemporary kitchen environments. This product is made of high-grade ceramic, which conducts heat extremely well and thus helps oven-baked dishes to cook through evenly. The outer surface of this dish is hygienic and easy to clean. Enjoy the taste of hearty home-made gratins and sophisticated desserts with this combined gratin dish and roasting dish from the Staub Ceramic series.

Features & Benefits:
Universal cookware, e.g. for baking or making gratin
Stackable easily - for space-saving storage
Ergonomic handles
Available in various colours
Easy to clean thanks to enamelled surface

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