Black lever corkscrew with capsule cutter 14 cm - Baltaz Peugeot

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Ingenious, the manual corkscrew Peugeot "Baltaz" will surprise you. The handles of this lever corkscrew hold the bottle to extract all corks without effort.

The Peugeot "Baltaz Dark" corkscrew is a classic sommelier type model. In appearance only, because its extremely ingenious system, signed Peugeot, allows, thanks to its two axes of rotation, to uncork all the bottles in a single movement. This manual corkscrew also includes a bottle opener and a bottle opener. Compact, perfectly ergonomic and very robust, this instrument is the companion of all connoisseurs and nomads, because it can be taken almost anywhere. Its design with very pure lines makes this corkscrew a very beautiful object of the everyday life, available in two finishes: satin aluminium aspect for the dark version and gunmetal aspect for the Basalt version. Uncorking a bottle, hearing that special sound of the cork or the cap being extracted, are preliminaries and little rituals that contribute to the pleasure of tasting a good wine or a sip of beer.

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