TWIN 1731 Slicing knife 20cm/8" PRESTIGE RANGE

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TWIN 1731, a captivating design for exceptional performance. Henckels' prestige line, following the principle of "aesthetics through simplicity", renowned designer Matteo Thun has created this series of knives that reflect familiarity and serenity in simple elegance. An innovative new bolster design offers comfort, balance and safety without compromising the edge. Ideal knife for cutting roasts and meats. The TWIN 1731 is a synthesis of form, function and design, a marriage of Japanese and European cutting traditions, a cold forged Cronidur 30 steel knife (SIGMAFORGE) with exceptional hardness (60° HRC), a high performance material developed for the rigors of air and space technology for a longer lasting edge. 100 times more corrosion resistant than ordinary steel. Beautifully carved handle. The warmth and softness of untreated, oiled Macassar ebony hardwood adds harmony.

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