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Dehydrated Flour Worms Plain 55gr


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Flour worms are a healthy and natural food.

To better appreciate them, we advise you to rehydrate the mealworms in lukewarm water (about 5 times their volume of water) then to cook them in the frying pan or in the oven according to your desires.

Otherwise, you can eat them plain as an aperitif, in salads or cook them directly in the pan or in the oven during your culinary preparations.

Very popular in pastry for their taste similar to nuts and hazelnuts.


proteins = 45,1g/100g,

lipids = 37,2g/100g (saturated fatty acids = 9g, essential fatty acids = 17,3g, polyunsaturated fatty acids = 10,9g),

carbohydrates = 5,4g/100g (of which 0g of sugar),

fiber = 6,5g/100g,

energy value = 550 kcal/100g.

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