SPECIAL - 2 modules sharpener - for Japanese knives

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The Miyabi sharpener with ceramic discs makes sharpening knife blades very easy and comfortable. Since the sharpening angle is already set, it is not necessary to place the blade in the exact position. To sharpen, the blade is first passed through the diamond disc. This first pass gives the blade a slight basic edge. The blade is then passed several times through the ceramic discs. The result is an extremely sharp blade that will allow you to effortlessly cut through meat, fish and other foods.

Silicone spikes on the underside of the sharpener allow it to rest securely on the work surface and not slip during use. The ergonomic handle is made of washable synthetic material and is equally comfortable for left- and right-handed users. This sharpener is not only suitable for sharpening high quality Miyabi knives, but also for blades made of different steels when they are smooth. This sharpener designed by Miyabi makes sharpening blades much easier.

Passage between the diamond discs for sharpening - Passage between the ceramic discs for polishing

Non-slip thanks to its six silicone pins

Ergonomic plastic handle for easy cleaning

Suitable for left and right handed users

Hand guard guarantees safe use

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