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Mycryo Cocoa Butter 550g


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Mycryo butter, 100% cocoa butter reduced to powder. Extracted from dried and crushed beans, cocoa butter is an ingredient of chocolate. In its Mycryogenized form, it can be used on raw food before cooking, for breadcrumbs by mixing directly with breadcrumbs, in hot cooking without adding extra fat. It allows us to cook food quickly and evenly, keeping its color, juicy texture and authentic taste.

Mycryo butter has "insulating" properties that preserve the natural texture and taste of foods. Mycryo butter is a deodorized fat. An absolutely neutral taste, so that the flavor of your food remains intact. Mycryo butter is heat resistant and thus preserves your ingredients. Retains food juices during cooking: ideal for water-rich foods such as mushrooms and fish. Reveals natural flavors.

The use of Mycryo limits the addition of fat: calories are reduced by 50 to 70%. The heat resistance of Mycryo (200°C) allows for quick cooking. The nutritional characteristics are preserved. Mycryo butter is a vegetable fat, cocoa butter. Does not influence the cholesterol level. Suitable for vegetarian and hallal cuisines.

NB: The date following the mention "Best before" is the time during which the unopened food and kept in adequate conditions keep these qualities. It is important to mention that there is a difference between the Best Before Date and the Best Before Date.

Cocoa butter is particularly nourishing because it is rich in fats, but also in flavonoids, hence its anti-oxidant action which gives it soothing and healing benefits for the skin.

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