Line - Cork for sparkling wines, aluminium, 5,5 cm

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Keep all the fizz and flavour of your sparkling wines with Peugeot's Line stopper and its secure locking system.

Extend the tasting
Once a bottle of sparkling wine has been opened, it will quickly lose its organoleptic properties and fizz.
Only an airtight stopper is capable of preserving a wine's qualities for several days.
The Line stopper is the simple and intuitive solution for preserving your bottles of champagne, cremant and prosecco.
The ultra-practical secure locking system ensures an airtight seal, meaning that sparkling wines will keep their flavours, fragrance and fizz for long-lasting pleasure guaranteed. This accessory is adorned with a stylish aluminum casing with a clearly striking, contemporary look.

- Preserves the wine's fizz and flavors for several days
- Compatible with all types of sparkling wine bottles, including magnums
- Valve system for a fully airtight seal
- Ultra-resistant finish
- Secure locking system
- Five-year warranty

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