Metal Honey Spoon Lid for Mason Jar - Stainless stell Honey Dipper for Mason Jar

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Transform your jars into your new favorite honey dipper! Our Honey Dipper lid is made from sturdy and long-lasting stainless steel, specially designed to bring even more uses to your regular mouth mason jars (jar not included). To use, apply some force to snap lid on. Once assembled, you'll have a combined lid and dipper. Dip into honey pot, twist to keep honey from dripping, then stop twisting to let drip onto toast or tea! No need to worry about the dipper falling in or storing a sticky dipper outside the jar. Honey stays safely sealed when not in use to avoid fermentation and keep pests out. We recommend using a 16 oz. jar for best use. Cover, drizzle, smile! Because, let's be honest, everything's better in a mason jar. #RaisingTheJar

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