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Xanthan is a natural thickener, resulting from the fermentation of a bacterium, according to the same principle as the production of yeast. It has a neutral taste.

Xanthan gum is generally used at 2 g for 200 to 600 ml of final preparation, depending on the desired thickening. The higher the concentration (e.g.: 2 g for 200 ml), the thicker and more "coating" your preparation will be.

  • disperse the xanthan gum in a fine rain in your liquid preparation.
  • Mix the whole with a hand blender or a blender to eliminate lumps.

Your preparation is too thick? Don't panic, add a little water and mix again.

The preparation to be thickened must always contain a little "available" water, i.e. no emulsion, undiluted syrup or concentrated alcohol.

Combining another gum with xanthan such as guar gum or konjac gum creates an elastic gel.

Thicken your alginate ravioli mix (large liquid spheres) with 2 g xanthan gum per 200-300 ml.

A pinch of xanthan in the egg whites before they rise improves their stability: very useful in chocolate mousses or macaroon appliances.

To improve the stability of preparations containing ingredient particles (e.g. soup, rouille, emulsions...), add 2 g of xanthan per 700 to 800 ml.

Use xanthan in combination with guar to make gluten-free breads.

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