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Isomalt is a sugar substitute. It is half as sweet and half as caloric as table sugar (sucrose). Isomalt replaces sugar at equal weight: you can replace a third to the totality of the table sugar by isomalt to make light confectionery, cookies, etc. Since isomalt is half as sweet as table sugar, it may be necessary to reinforce the sweetness with an intense sweetener (acesulfame-K, aspartame, etc.) or an addition of honey or fructose. It gives body and volume to food products.

Characteristics of isomalt:

  • It facilitates the work of cooked sugars and allows the realization of pieces in drawn sugar.
  • It limits the moisture recovery of confectionery and decorations (they remain dry and keep their shine and hold longer)
  • Unlike table sugar (sucrose), it does not produce a brown color before 200°C. This means that you can obtain caramel and other transparent products! It can easily be colored and flavored.

It is an ingredient of choice in the realization of sugar decorations (pulled sugar, spun sugar, puffed sugar, transparent caramels, transparent tiles).

Caution: gloves must be worn when working with isomalt (spun sugar, drawn sugar, etc.).

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