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White Jungle Berger Lamp

Add a soothing note to your home with a refined lamp in an immaculate color and a pure fragrance.

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The White Jungle Shepherd Lamp is made of porcelain, a material historically used for the design of these iconic decorative objects, now modernized. On its shiny white enamel, a two-tone chromatic black and silver decoration is outlined. The details are rich: lush tropical plants, Tahitian flowers and exotic animals form a beautiful animated fresco. Which is enhanced by the silver shine of the frame that recalls some of the ornaments present on the body of the catalytic lamp. This type of print that you usually find on multiple decorative objects such as wallpapers and other textiles, is now declined on this Lampe Berger Jungle Blanche. A plant atmosphere that opens a window on nature and offers all that it has of more soothing. Its wild beauty, exotic, reserves you beautiful feelings of escape. Combine it with the fragrance of your choice to continue this journey and enjoy an elegantly purified and scented interior.


The Berger lamp should only be used with Maison Berger Paris perfumes in order not to damage your burner.Change the burner every 200 lights or every year. Maintain it regularly with the Neutre Air Pur.Remove the burner from the lamp if you do not use it for several weeks.The application of all these advices guarantees you an optimal quality of use of your catalytic lamp.

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