Barrel Smoked Whisky Salt 75gr - VANCOUVER ISLAND SEA SALT

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Limited Edition. A favorite among smoky aroma lovers, this flake sea salt is cold smoked using award-winning Shelter Point Distillery single malt whisky barrels. The result is a deep yet smooth smokiness from the American oak barrel with added complexity of the whisky and its signature vanilla notes. Whiskey salt is amazing on grilled meats, seafood, veggie toasts & salad dressing, and incredible in salted caramels & chocolate desserts.  This flaky, fine and crunchy sea salt is reminiscent of whiskey and smoked bacon with a spicy and daring oak aroma that blooms and amplifies as you taste it. The color of the salt varies from crystal to crystal: translucent off-white to pale brown to gray and even black (there will be blackened crystals following the smoking process).
Keep closed to preserve the aroma.

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