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The Silpat macaroon cloth helps you make evenly sized macaroons. The round indentations on the fabric allow you to space your dough evenly and size 20 macaroon shells to fit the right amount of dough. To achieve the perfect poaching of your macaroon shells, preferably use a piping bag with a smooth 7mm tip. It's as economical as it is practical. Your macaroons bake evenly thanks to the fibrous food grade silicone technology, and they come off without sticking or greasing. Robust and professional quality, the Silpat sheet can be reused over 2000 times. Pistachio, raspberry, chocolate ... give free rein to your pastry-making talents!

Baking with Silpat food grade silicone mats is the pleasure of using quality utensils for successful baking. Forget about parchment paper. The silicone sheet, reinforced by its fiberglass structure, is easy to clean and reusable.

Dimensions: 420 x 295 mm
Uses : Microwave oven, oven, refrigerator and freezer
Resistance to extreme temperatures: from -40°C to +260°C
Composition : Silicone and glass cloth. Guaranteed without bisphenol A, without phthalates and without peroxides
Warranty : lifetime


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