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Gourmet Whip Plus Cream Whipper (1L)

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Siphon ISI Gourmet Whip 1 L for hot, cold and whipped cream espumas in stainless steel pro model 2009.

Its 3 main differences :

1. It has a high temperature resistant seal (with an easy-to-grip tab) and a valve that allows slightly denser preparations such as purees to pass through.

2. Its professional quality, it is all stainless steel which ensures resistance and longevity.

3. It is practical: maximum level marking.

The ISI Gourmet Whip is a professional model made of stainless steel (body and head). It is multifunctional and allows you to make the hot or cold "espumas" made famous by "Ferran Adria", airy sauces and flavored whipped creams. With coulis, sweet or savory juices, purées or creams, you can create exquisite mousses. Just add a gas cartridge to obtain foie gras or salmon mousses, parmesan "espumas", fresh pineapple... We recommend the recipe book, "Espumas and Chantilly", which was developed with the help of great chefs, so that you can make optimum use of your ISI siphon.

Characteristics :

All stainless steel
Professional quality
Can be used in a bain-marie, in the refrigerator and is dishwasher safe
Capacity: 1 liter
3 decorative sockets
2 years warranty

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