Pancake Pan Staub

Pancakes cooked to perfection, light and tasty? This is possible with the Staub pancake pan.

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Crepe and Pancake pan

We've all had a pancake or two in our lives, but not everyone has tasted the perfect pancake.

The STAUB 28 cm enameled cast iron crepe maker will allow you to make light and tasty crepes. Compatible with all heat sources, it can also be used on induction.

True authentic know-how of French creation, this crepe maker is a unique piece, resulting from a traditional manufacturing process. Its particularly low sides make it easy to turn pancakes, even the thinnest.

The interior of this crepe maker is matt black enamel, the STAUB trademark. This superior quality enamel provides better scratch resistance and easier maintenance, for a long-lasting pan.

The Staub Pancake Pan is made from cast iron and heated to extremely high temperatures, allowing it to heat up enough to make perfect pancakes every time. Once the cast iron is hot enough, its properties allow it to reduce the heat to a minimum, in order to cook gently.

What could be better than thin pancakes cooked to perfection, golden and crispy?And then, sweet or salty? It's up to you!

Technical Details

  • Included: 1 wooden spatula and 1 spreader
  • Compatibility with all cookers, including induction
  • Wooden handle
  • Heat resistance up to 240ºC
  • Weight: 2.46kg
  • Material: Enameled cast iron
  • Easy to maintain and clean

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