Private events

May it be for an evening between friends or family, an anniversary, a baby shower or any other reason to celebrate, La Guilde Culinaire will offer you an event tailored to your needs.

You will have access to a private room, a professional chef, a great variety of generous and tasty menus, all of which will contribute to an unforgettable culinary evening.

A guarantied great time through a fun and rewarding activity.



Our event coordinators will gladly custom build an event to suit your needs and desire.


May you be 12 or more, we will create a culinary activity that will match your desires. From the small, intimate and welcoming group to the big, dynamic, partying one, we have the right formula!


The welcoming cocktail : Offer your guest a cocktail to start on a great note!

The welcoming appetizers : Offer yourself some small bites to start your event!

Room rental : You want to make a meeting or conference before or after your activity, all is possible.

Gifts : Treat your guests! Our boutique will offer you a selection of items and gourmet baskets. You want to go simpler, try our gift certificates!

Sound and video : Microphone, projector, television and more, we can help you with your multimedia needs.

Bar : If you’re in need of a bar service, we can set one up directly in your room for you and your guest to enjoy

More : You have a specific idea? Share it with us and we will do all we can to help you


With a total of nearly 12 000 sq. foot, our 3 rooms can adapt to suit your needs.

Activity selection

Virtual Group

From 12 people | Duration: 1h30 to 2h A new kind of private session for the groups who wish to organize a culinary activity between friends or colleagues.Virtual cooking and mixology classes with the ingredients delivered directly to you so you can partake in a gourmet session with our Chef, Jonathan Garnier.Complete you packages by selecting some cooking accessories from our store. A useful addition that will allow everyone to cook in the best conditions.We can offer some wine recommandations to ma...

50 % 50 %

24 to 80 people | Duration : 2h30 to 3h Food or cocktails ? Why not both... This type of event is particularly well adapted for people who can’t decide. Upon your arrival, you will realize a cocktail while grabbing a bite with the shared gourmet platters that our team will provide for you. Afterwards, you will alternate between the confection of two bite size appetizers and two additional cocktails. To top it off, our tell will serve you a bite size dessert ending your event on a nice sweet touch. ...

Diner cocktail

24 to 100 people | Duration : 2h30 to 3h Talk with your mouth full! It’s the ideal concept to brighten up your relations and talk in a laid back atmosphere. The hands-on diner cocktail is the perfect setting for a networking or a conversing activity. A beautiful moment spent in the course of an enjoyable as well as enriching event. In a warm setting you will be welcomed with a glass of wine and some appetizers. After a few demonstrations from our Chef you will be invited to partake in the creation of a s...

Culinary competition

12 to 100 people | Duration : 3h00 Will you dare take on this challenge? Is your team up for a challenge? It’s an enjoyable culinary activity that everyone will take pleasure in. It’s a great way to enhance the cohesion of your team. The activity starts with the demonstration of a few cooking and cutting techniques from our Chef. Then it’s action time! Every team will have to prepare appetizers for the whole group using an imposed ingredient and in a limited amount of time. At the end of the activity the...

Cooking classes

12 to 40 people | Duré : 3h00 We invite you partake in a hands on, fun and enriching experience in which everyone has a chance to participate. You first attend a series of demonstrations from our Chefs after which you prepare the recipes practicing the techniques you just learned. All participants have their own fully equipped work space so they can prepare the food in the ideal conditions. At the end of the activity you are invited to enjoy your creations in a convivial environment. We offer a great sel...

Corporate lunch

12 to 80 people | Duration : 2h30 Cook your lunch! Take advantage of your lunch hour to motivate your team or to have a client meeting in an informal setting. As soon as you arrive you slip on your apron and join the Chef as the main island. Following the Chefs tips your team members will prepare their starters. You will also assist in assembling your dessert. As you sit down to the table to savor your creations, our squad will assemble your main meal. We offer a selection of gourmet menus for all epicur...


15 to 80 people | Duration : 2h to 2h30 A festive evening where cocktails are the star of the night! Under the supervision of our mixologist, you will be guided in the universe of cocktails. Choose and realize four cocktails that you will enjoy with our signature gourmet platters. In a relaxed atmosphere, our mixologist will provide you with tips and tricks that will lead you to success in your own creations. Once back home, you will be sure to amaze your guests! Private roomMixologistRealize and dri...

The Chef's table

12 people and more A unique gastronomic experience! Welcome into the Chef’s kitchen and immersive yourself in a truly unique culinary experience. An evening of discoveries awaits as you observe the Chef in action. Comfortably seated at the Chef’s table you will savor an authentic gastronomic meal prepared with in season products. A thoroughly chosen wine selection to enhance the flavors of each dish will be served if the food and wine pairing option seduces you. Treat yourself to a gourmet evening signed...

Christmas party

12 to 100 people | Duration depends on the chosen activity A Christmas party with your team, your partners or your clients? We have the event you are looking for! We create an evening that is tailored to your needs, making it a memorable night. Cook a bit or cook a lot, the event will be updated to the size and needs of your group. Our Chefs will make sure that your night is both relaxing and intensely fun! Possible events : Culinary competition / Cooking class / Chef’s Table / On demand event Many addit...

Custom made

You have a specific idea of what you want your culinary event to be. May it be you want to cook a specific meal, discover the food of a specific region, have a meeting before or after your event or anything you could think of, we are making it a habit of creating events tailored to your needs.