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Corporate & Team Building

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From 15 to 100 people | Length : 3h00

Is your team up for a challenge? It’s an enjoyable culinary activity that everyone will take pleasure in. It’s a great way to enhance the cohesion of your team.

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15 to 40 people | Length : 3h00

We invite you partake in a hands on, fun and enriching experience in which everyone has a chance to participate.

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15 to 80 people | Length : 2h to 2h30

A festive evening where cocktails are the star of the night! Under the supervision of our mixologist, you will be guided in the universe of cocktails. Choose and realize four cocktails that you will enjoy with our signature gourmet platters.

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15 to 80 people | Length : 2h30

Cook your lunch! Take advantage of your lunch hour to motivate your team or to have a client meeting in an informal setting. As soon as you arrive you slip on your apron and join the Chef as the main counter.

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25 to 100 people | Duration depends on the chosen activity

A Christmas party with your team, your partners or your clients? We have the event you are looking for! We create an evening that is tailored to your needs, making it a memorable night.

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Virtual group

Starting 15 people | Length: 1h30 to 2h

A new kind of private session for the groups who wish to organize a culinary activity between friends or colleagues.

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You have a specific idea of what you want your culinary event to be. May it be you want to cook a specific meal, discover the food of a specific region, have a meeting before or after your event or anything you could think of, we are making it a habit of creating events tailored to your needs.

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