Privacy policy


Your personal information will be used in a professional matter only. That information will be archived in secured and protected servers associated to your online account. Under no circumstances will we transmit your information to a third party or publish it anywhere.

The email address you provide will be used to send you the newsletter or to inform you about our services and promotions. If you do not which to receive such emails, you can write to us at

Our online boutique uses cookies. They are needed for us to be able to associate items to your account. Once you are done with an order, the cookies are automatically deleted. If you decide to save your password, we will only keep that piece of information in order for you to relog next time.


At La Guilde Culinaire, we keep your shopping safe.
We collaborate with Desjardins and the online banking system Shopify to ensure the total confidentiality and safety of the information you provide us.

Your data and the data regarding your credit card are e-processed using an encryption algorithm that guaranties the safety of the information. Henceforth, the message cannot be intercepted or decoded by a third party.

La Guilde Culinaire meets the SSL safety guidelines in making sure that all your transactions are secured. All payments are processed directly by Desjardins.

La Guilde Culinaire keeps no transaction information regarding your payment methods. At every transaction, including refunds, you will need to provide the full information to us.