Cooking and eating are experiences that needs to be shared.

La Guilde Culinaire is a place to share and discover for everyone who’s interested in the culinary arts and traditions. Our Chefs will be delighted to share their knowledge, skills, and recipes.

We offer a large variety of culinary activities, either in private or corporate setting, whether it be for a team-building activity, a celebration or to share a privileged moment, we are committed to assist you in creating an event tailored to your needs.

Through an experience that will stimulate your senses, Chef Jonathan Garnier and his team invites you to an enchanting gourmet adventure. A culinary invitation that allows you to learn, create, and taste, a simple and accessible cuisine who favors local and fresh products. Offer your guests a unique moment signed Jonathan Garnier.

What is a guild?

A guild is a place where people unite to share a common passion. Communication and accomplishment are the key goals of such a group.

Chef Jonathan Garnier

Jonathan Garnier learned is culinary skills in France, within many renowned establishments on the Côte d’Azur. He then became a private chef for a Middle-Eastern royal family realizing many exceptional events for the political and artistic world.

When he came back in Quebec, he founded, with the help of his brother, the cooking school La Guilde Culinaire, which became a reference in the field. Assisted by some of the best chefs in the province, he offers you cooking classes, opened to all, with an authentic and generous that made him so popular with the viewers.

Sustainable development

Since the very beginning, La Guilde Culinaire and the team are particularly caring of the environmental issues, of our green footprint and of the social reintegration challenges. Here are some of the measures we take to help foward those causes:

Using local and seasonable products;

Using bio products or the less damageable product for the environment;

Using recycled paper for printing;

Recommending the usage of durable dishes on all our services;

Using containers made of recycled fibers or pulp;

Creation of a program to train unqualified personnel.