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Aerate your wine to enjoy all its aromas. Pulltex's stainless steel wine aerator is perfect for revealing wine aromas.

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Aerate your wine to enjoy all its aromas

Pulltex's stainless steel wine aerator is perfect for revealing wine aromas. Here are its advantages:

  • Stainless steel
  • Facilitates wine aeration
  • Flower-shaped base
  • Circulates air to oxygenate wine
  • Removable filter
  • Stand to place it on
  • Adaptable to all decanters and decanter carafes

A small accessory with big potential
As all wine lovers know, a good red wine is best enjoyed at room temperature and in the open air, so that all the aromas can come to the fore. But to achieve this, it's essential to uncork the bottle of wine and pour it into a decanter. Thanks to its special shape, the wine can mingle with the air and develop all its hidden flavours.
To help it do so, you can use what's known as a stainless steel wine aerator. This little accessory is perfect for aerating your wine. It speeds up the aeration of the wine, allowing you to take full advantage of its aromas. You'll have plenty of time to rediscover your best bottles, which will then reveal their true notes on the palate.

Here's how to use the stainless steel wine aerator.

Place it on the neck of a decanter and pour your bottle into it. The wine will flow down the sides for better aeration. Shaped like a flower, the aerator provides better oxygenation. After use, remove the aerator and place it on its base before washing. This will avoid staining your tablecloth or worktop.
Your wine is now ready to be tasted and discovered in all its unsuspected glory.

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